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Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with the help of “Diet Plan”

Consult our Experts today for a customised diet plan to suit your needs and lifestyle. Transform your health today!!

"I am really thankful to Nutrition Matters for their easy to follow diet plan and expert advise that helped me to shed 10 kg. It was a smooth journey for me as their constant support and motivation helped me to stick to the plan and gradually we succeeded in bring about a change. It was as if they held my hand throughout my journey and listened patiently to all my concerns. Without them it would have been difficult for me to achieve my health again. I am at the best of my health now and feel great. 

Thanks to the team of Nutrition Matters!" 

- Sheetal Sharma

“I had tried a lot of diets online, lost some weight and gained back again. I was tired of this yo-yo effect; it had started affecting my mood and health. Vaishali helped me to understand about the balance of what to eat while still enjoying the food I love. Her diet plan is easy and sustainable. She taught me when and how to compensate if I go wrong. This trick has become my lifestyle and I have learned how to keep my weight off.” 

- Shalini.M

After years on diabetes medication and struggle to control my high level of cholesterol, I decided to take action. My doctors had told me to lose my visceral fat and had advised to take nutrition plan and I am very glad I did so. Vaishali took time to find out not only about my eating habits, but also my lifestyle and health, and devised an achievable plan. My biggest takeaway from the program is the influence food has on your general wellbeing. While that sounds obvious so many of us ignore it and this program made me think about what I was eating and the impact on my health. Would have no hesitation in recommending Vaishali to anyone who wants to improve their health through nutrition and lifestyle.

- Meenal.G

My cardiologist (to whom I was referred when my stress test turned positive) few years ago, advised me to do a retest after three months. In the meantime, he advised me to moderate my cholesterol and diabetes reading (which were high) by making appropriate changes to my diet and lifestyle, if possible.

When I recounted my unfortunate situation to one of my colleague at work, he fortuitously referred me to Ms Vaishali.

Ms Vaishali made a diet plan for me (which I scrupulously followed) so much so all the readings, to the surprise of all (including my physician and cardiologist) reversed to normal.

The diet plan prescribed by her was innovative and a robust mixture of tradition and modern.

I am indebted to her and feel that she was God send to enable me follow a healthy routine and diet and avoid medication

- V Ramachandran

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